Worlds biggest firework shell

Kablemo! The worlds biggest firework - I'm blown away, are you?

Straight out of Compton Japan comes "Yonshakudama", a huge over-the-top firework, fired annually at the Katakai-Matsuri Festval in Japan.

The 48" shell is created by Japan Fireworks and is called "Yonshakaduma" (in japanese)

The firework shell is 120 centimeters in diameter and weights 450 kilograms. It launches 850 meter into the air and the width of the explosion is 800 meters in diameter.

Japan Fireworks -

So where can I this live?

Well, you'd have to go to Japan (if you already live there - you'r good), it is launched every year on September 9th and 10th, during the celebration of the Katakai-Matsuri Festival in Katakai town, Ojiya-city, Nigata prefecture Japan. Or you can settle for this High Definition video of the explosion.

Big ball(s), huge fireworks!

Not really a saying yet, but it will catch on. The fireworks is contained in a single shell, 48 inch (122 cm) diameter. It is placed in a barrrel from where it it fired over 2,700 ft into the air and the diameter of the explosion is greater than 2,400 ft.

The "Yonshakudama" shell comes in two types, the "Brocade crown over small flowers" and the "Floral shell of shells twice blooming", there is no mention of price, but I would suggest keeping your alarm clock until we are certain that blowing one of thease suckers every morning is economically viable.

This is the worlds biggest single shell firework - "Yonshakudama" and not a mutated acorn.

Launch barrels - the biggest pipes are used to launch the "Yonshakudama"

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