A glimpse of the most expensive apartment in the world

Monaco is widely known as a city of and for the wealthy, and the new skyscraper Tour Odéon is unlikely to change this notion. The building houses 70 luxurious apartment, one of them the most expensive in the world with a 5-floor penthouse including infinity pool and water slide.

The city of Monaco, with the new 49-floor ultra-luxurious skyscraper Tour Odéon in the center

Most expensive apartment - Monaco's Tour Odéon

The fantastic view from the most expensive apartment in the world, the penthouse of Tour Odéon

Five-floor penthouse in new European skyscraper

New skyscraper in Monaco intended for the ultra-rich

The new skyscraper "Tour Odéon" (lit. "Tower of Odéon"), has taken it's place in the skyline of Monaco. Clocking in at about 170 metres (560 feet), the building is the Mediterranean coastline's second highest, with it's 49 floors and 70 luxury apartments.

One of these 70 apartments is the five-floor penthouse that boasts the title of "most expensive apartment in the world". With an infinity pool and accompanying water slide, the price tag of this luxurious apartment will be about £240 million. Whether that is a reasonable price for a multi-floor penthouse with exquisite view of the Mediterranean Sea is hard to answer, as there aren't exactly too many of these around.

The £240 million, 5-floor penthouse of the skyscraper, complete with infinity pool and skyscraper

Luxurious apartment with infinity pool and water slide

in-house caterer and private chauffeur included

The building contains most necessities anyone with a sizable amount of money can ask for, including health centre, caterer and several swimming pools. You're even getting a private chauffeur in the deal!

The skyscraper is the first new one to have been built in Monaco since 80's, when the ruling monarch decided that constructing more tall building would tarnish the character of the city and surrounding area. The current ruler reversed his father's decision back in 2009, which prompted the construction of "Tour Odéon".

Dwellers of the Tour Odéon apartments have access to a health center, caterer and private chauffeur

Exclusive apartments in Monaco skyscraper - Dining Room

The new skyscraper is one of the first constructed since the ban on tall buildings in Monaco during the 80's

View from balcony in Monaco's Tour Odéon

Tour Odéon is dominating the Monaco skyline

Whether the investors have gotten their money back is highly debatable, as only 18 of the 70 apartments have been sold at the moment. The skyscraper is not very popular with the inhabitants of the surrounding area as well, since it has ruined the scenic view for many of them.

The exclusive apartments of Tour Odéon is intended for extremely wealthy Europeans

Bedroom in one of the 70 apartments in the building

The apartments naturally come with a magnificent view, residents in the nearby area are not too happy though

Luxurious bathroom from Tour Odéon in Monaco

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