Martingale Betting System

Intro To The Martingale System

The Martingale betting system is probably the most alluring betting system out there, sometimes it feels like it can't fail as you can win money in a lot of sessions in succession. The problem is when you lose, you will most likely lose a lot and may risk your entire bankroll in the process. The system is most commonly used in games where you can win the amount which you bet, therefore it is often used in games where the players percentages is close to 50% such as Blackjack, Roulette (black or red) or craps.

How The Martingale System Works

The Martingale is a negative progression system, therefore your bets will increase each time you lose. If your first bet of $10 is lost your next bet will be $20 and if lost that as well the next bet would be $40 and if you win this you will not only have wiped out the previous losses you will be $10 to the good instead. Whenever you win a hand you should return to the original stake of $10 and do the same procedure all over again. The concept behind the system is to slowly build your bankroll when you win and get back to even as soon as possible after a loss.

Martingale betting system blackjack game

In this scenario "mutas1972" will likely lose this hand since the dealer has a ten, and if the player in fact do lose this hand and uses the Martingale system the next bet would have to be $2.

Pros And Cons- Should You Use The Martingale System?

If you are a recreational player the Martingale will give you a great chance of winning on a particular session which makes it a pretty descent option. Another spot where it's a viable choice is when the player have a big bankroll and the minimum bet is set low and maximum bet is set high. In this scenario the player have a lot of hands to win that one hand to take the player back to even and the more chances he gets to win it back the less likely it will be that the whole bankroll will be lost.

However, casinos usually makes table limits closer to each other to avoid this from happening. Many betting strategy's suggest that you should avoid the Martingale since it's to risky. To illustrate the dangers of the Martingale system I'm gonna illustrate an example where the player starts with a mere $5.

First bet $5 lost = $5 lost in total

Second bet $10 lost = $15 lost in total

Third bet $20 lost = $35 lost in total

Fourth bet $40 lost = $75 lost in total

Fifth bet $80 lost = $155 lost in total

Sixth bet $160 lost = $315 lost in total

Seventh bet $320 lost = $635 lost in total

Eighth bet $640 lost = $1275 lost in total

This is what would happen if you lose eight consecutive bets, which definitely is possible. $1275 is a lot of money to lose when you're only winning $5 each successful time you use the system. And as mentioned before you can't continue doubling your bet forever because of the betting limits.


Taking all facts into account, the majority would advise you to stay away from the Martingale since it will be to costly in the long run. But if you're a recreational player it might be worth taking a shot every now and then since the success rate is high on any particular occasion.

Good luck at the tables!

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