How To Play Omaha

Intro To Omaha Poker

Omaha is an action filled game that has grown and is still growing in popularity. It's a more complex poker form of Texas holdem with the difference being that each player gets dealt four cards instead of two. There is however Omaha variants being played with five card as well as six cards but these types of Omaha is less played. Omaha is usually played as pot limit, this is a pretty suitable variant for this particular game since a lot of Omaha is decided post flop. The reason behind this is that the hands are often pretty evenly matched before the flop and the pot limit makes it harder to get the chips in pre flop. The game is however also played as fixed limit as well as no limit but far from the same frequency as pot limit Omaha.


In the beginning of each hand every player is dealt four cards, so called hole cards. The goal is to make the best five card hand possible using exactly two of your cards and three out of the the five community cards that are faced up that all players take part of. The community cards are dealt as following, the flop consists of three cards, after the flop comes the turn which is one card and lastly the river which is also one card.

Blinds And Positions

There is an object called the "dealer button" that is passed one seat to the left after each finished hand. The player on the left of the dealer gets dealt the first card and then every player gets dealt one card at a time until everyone has two cards.

Before the hand can start the player to the left of the dealer have to post an obligatory fee called the small blind and the player to the left of the small blind has to post the big blind which usually is double the amount of the small blind. Once the blinds are posted and the cards are dealt the first betting round takes place, this is called pre flop.

How to play Omaha pre flop action

Pre Flop - The First Betting Round

In this pot "Barbarosa555" is the dealer, "wheelerleo" in the small blind and "stahlbeton32" in the big blind. The player to the left of the big blind is "under the gun" which means that this player is first to act with the option to raise, call the big blind or fold. On this table it's "Sparta2622" who is first to act. If he chooses to raise the minimum is $0,50 since he has to at least double the amount of the big blind, since it's pot limit he may only raise the size of the pot. In this case the max raise is $0,85, since there is $0,10 plus $0,25 and his own $0,25 before his raise in the pot. This equals $0,60 plus the $0,25 which is the big blind, you can read more about pot limit and the other betting variations here.

How to play Omaha flop action


In this hand there is four players to see the flop. The first player still in the hand that is left of the dealer is "pokerspoto" which means that this player is first to act. His options is to raise, check or fold and if he opts for betting the following players may call, fold or re-raise with the cap still being the pot size. If there's still more then one player still in the hand after the action closes the dealer burns one card and then places the fourth card on the table called the turn.

How to play Omaha turn action


In this pot there are three players to the turn which is second to last betting round, and it's the same procedure as the flop with the first player to the left of the dealer starts to act. If there is still more then one player dueling for the pot, the dealer will burn a card and place the river on the table which is the fifth and last card.

How to play Omaha river showdown

River And Showdown

The river has just hit the board and it's "zorikos71" who scoops the $12,84 in the middle.Even though both have the seven in this hand zorikos71's straight is higher since you need to use two of your cards, no more no less. Zorikos71's hand is a ten high straight with the 678910which beats "tinere83" since this player only has the nine high straight 56789

Good luck at the tables!

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