How To Play Blackjack

Introducing Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular card game which can be played online or at casino's all over the world. The goal is to beat the dealer by being as close to 21 as possible without surpassing it. If you beat the dealer's hand you get back double your initial bet.


Blackjack is played with one or more standard deck of cards, with every card being assigned a special value. It's usually played with four, six or eight decks to make it harder for players to keep track which cards that have already been drawn. Cards 2-10 are all worth their usual value, all face cards are worth 10 each and the aces can either be used as 1 or 11. The goal is to be closer to 21 then the dealer. However as soon as you surpass 21 you have lost the hand, it doesn't matter that the dealer also draws to much in that case. But if your hand is alive the value of it won't matter if the dealer draws to much.

The best possible hand is a two card 21 called Blackjack, this can only be drawn with one ace and any card worth 10. Blackjack pays the player 150% of the initial bet, a Blackjack with a bet of $10 will generate $25. If the dealer also draws a Blackjack the bet is pushed, however a Blackjack always beats a 21 made of three card or more.

How to play Blackjack different rules depending on what table your playing at

There is set rules depending on which table your playing at. There is for example a set minimum and maximum which is different depending on which table you're playing at. On the table above the minimum bet is set to $0,10 and the max bet is $100 as you can see in the top left corner. It also tells us that the dealer must draw card on 16 and below and must stand on a hard 17, we will get back to the difference between a hard and soft 17 later.  This is information you should ask for before you seat the table since it varies depending on where you play and has to be taken into account when deciding bet sizing and whether to hit or stand.

Hit Or Stand

The play begins with the bet, when all players have put out their bet they all get dealt one faced up card including the dealer, starting from the left to the right from the dealers perspective. All the players will then get one more faced up card and then they will have to decide what they want to do. If the player "hit's" it means taking one more card hoping to get closer to 21. If the amount exceeds 21 your hand is dead and the bet is lost.

If the player elects to stand he will draw no more cards hoping that the hand will beat the dealer either by having a higher hand or having the dealer surpass 21 which is called "busting".


If your two first cards have the same value, for example two fives or a queen and a jack, you have the option to make a second bet with the same value as the first and then splitting up your hand in two stacks. If you bet $5 and you get dealt two nines you can opt to add another $5 and play two $5 hands with a nine on each. When you split your cards you will get dealt one more card on the first nine and then play that hand out, and then get one more card on the other nine and play out that hand in normal fashion as well.

Double Down

When you elect to double down you are doubling your initial bet. You can only double down with your first two cards on the table and when you do you'll receive one more card, no more no less. Some casinos restrict doubling down to hands where your two first cards total is ten or eleven other casinos allows doubling down with any two cards.

How to play Blackjack soft 17 and double up

In this hand "LaciMaci1982" is first to act, he has a soft 17. Which means that this player can hit one time risk free because 21 cannot be surpassed. A hard 17 is all the 17's where you can bust your hand, for example a jack seven. LaciMaci1982's choices are to take a risk free hit or stand on 17. "STAMATONIKOS" is the next player to act and he have a really strong holding of 11, especially against the dealers 5 which is one of the worst starting hands for the dealer. In this spot he should opt for the doubling down taking his strong holding and the dealers weaker holding into account. This would result in putting another $1 on the table and receive one last card. If the hand holds up this player will win $4.


If the dealer's first card is an ace, the player have the option to take insurance, which essentially is a bet that the dealer will hit a Blackjack. If the players bet is $10 the insurance will cost $5 and if the dealer hit the Blackjack the player will get back both the insurance and the original bet. However if the dealer don't hit it the players $5 will be lost and the hand will be played out as usual. If the player has Blackjack and the dealer has an ace the player may take an insurance and if opting to do it the player will get paid double the initial bet instantly and will in doing so forfeit the extra 50% which usually goes with the Blackjack. But if the player opts to not take the insurance and the dealer hits the Blackjack as well, the hand will be pushed.

Good luck at the tables!


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