How To Play 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Introducing 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

This game is one of the most popular forms of draw poker if not the most popular. It is played both online and live and is often played in mixed games and by the best players in the world on the highest stakes in poker. The goal is to make the worst possible conventional poker hand, you can check out the poker hand rankings here, keep in mind that these hand rankings will be reversed. An ace is always counted as a high card which makes 23457 with atleast two suits the best possible hand in this game and a royal straight flush the worst possible hand.

The game can be played as No Limit, Pot Limit and perhaps most frequently Fixed Limit, if you're not familiar with these variations you can learn more about them here.

How To Play 2-7 TD Lowball Showdown

A 86542 is good enough to win this pot of almost $4.

Betting Rounds And Gameplay

The hand starts with the two players to the right of the dealer posting the small and big blind respectively. Every player is dealt five facedowned cards one at a time starting on the small blind. When every player have recieved their five cards the first betting round begins, starting with the player to the right of the big blind. The players still in the pot after the first betting round, will have to decide if they want to draw cards or if they are satisfied with the hand, called standing pat. If they elect to draw new cards they must discard the same amount from their own hand into the muck.

You should bare in mind that it's the first player to the right of the dealer that starts drawing, which makes having postion even more important since the players in position can draw their cards according to the information from the draws from the players in front of them. On top of that they're in position on the betting rounds as well.

The second betting round is played out like the first and if the pot is still up for contention there will be a second draw. When the players have drawn their cards the third betting round will commence. If it's played as Fixed Limit the bets will double but is otherwise played out as previous rounds.

If there's still more than one player in the pot we'll have the last draw. After the last draw the last betting round will be played out and if the last bet is called, the players will show their hands. The player with the worst conventional poker hand will win the pot.

Card Drawing

2-7 Triple Draw Lowball is a triple draw poker variant, accordingly the players have three opportunities to draw cards in order to improve their hands. The players may choose to draw one to five cards or if they are satisfied with their hands simply standing pat. Since it's the first player to the right of the dealer who starts drawing cards there is one more important aspect of having postion on your opponents other than the betting rounds. The reason this is important is if you have a pretty weak made hand, like a jack high hand. If you can see that your opponent draws a card you can simply elect to stand pat to avoid the risk of hitting a pair or a higher card and hoping that your opponent doesn't hit a better hand.

How To Play 2-7 TD Lowball Drawing Cards

Players drawing cards after the first betting round.

Showdown And Hand Values

When the last betting round is completed and the last bet called, the players will go to a showdown. The players will place their hands on the table faced up and the winner will be determined. If the players doesn't have a made hand (no pair, straights etc), the highest card in their hand will determine the winner. If the players have the same high card the next card will be the decider and then the next until there's a different card in any of the hands. If the players have the exact same hands, the pot will be chopped between theese players.

Hand Examples

Player A: 23456

Player B: 2578Q

Player B wins the pot since the queen high beat player A's straight 2-6.

Player A: 24568

Player B: 34568

Player A wins the pot, altough these players have their four highest card in common, player A have a deuce as the fifth card which beats the three in player B's hand.

Player A: 2347A

Player B: 24689

Player B scoops the pot since aces are counted as a high card and the nine high beats player A's ace high.

Good luck at the tables!

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