5 Poker Tips Away From The Table

5 Poker Tips Away From The Table
5. Avoid playing under time pressure
If you only have a couple of minutes you should probably stay away from the table. The natural thinking of the human brain is to win back the money that has been lost, to get even. If you know you only have a few minutes you might play to loose if you suffer an early loss and want to win the money before you go. So if you know you don't have the best discipline you should do something else then play poker these minutes.
4. Avoid playing higher than your bankroll allows
There are a number of reasons why you should have enough buy ins to play on a certain stake. Firstly, if you meet a "fish" which is a bad player, you should have enough to re buy if you get busted. If you only have a couple of bullets you might get unlucky and lose and not be able to win it back. If you feel that you have the edge against a certain player you should play him as long as you have the time and you feel you still have the edge, a lack of money would therefore be a bad reason to quit.

Secondly the amount of buy ins can make you change the play style to a more passive approach. And if you're in a spot when you know your behind but have the right price to call, you might opt for an incorrect fold in order to wait for a better spot.
3. Only play when you're in the right presence of mind
You should only play if you feel that your energized. If you are tired or lacking energy you might not be able to think straight in various spots, the concentration and discipline might take a hit. Discipline and concentration are a major part of poker, lacking these qualities might make you to do a bad call or keep playing even when you feel that your not playing your best poker.
2. Learn to know when to stop playing
An attribute that will save you a lot of money is if you know when to stop playing. I mentioned earlier that the brain is programmed to make you want to stay and get back your money. But a solid player with a good amount of discipline will leave the moment that he/she feels that there is no edge in the game or feeling tilted.
If you're able to conquer this psychological trait that most of us humans possess, you will save yourself a lot of money. Since every poker player will siffer a loss the goal should be to not lose as much in these sessions and maximize the winnings on the good days.
1. Don't play with money you don't have
You should definitely avoid playing for amounts that you can't afford to lose. This is a bad idea for so many reasons. Firstly, playing with "scared money" will most likely hinder your ability to make a big call or getting value of your marginal hand, things that are vital in poker. Not to mention the consequences if you lose.
The combination of the difficulty of playing your best with a large chunk of yourself on the table and the problems when losing this amount is enough for me to advice against it.
Good luck at the tables!


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