Harley Davidson Wide Glide 2015

Harley Davidson Wide Glide 2015

As an embodiment of 70's motorcycles the Harley Davidson Wide Glide 2015 carries definite "chopper" characteristics, while still managing not to lose any of the comforts and functions required today.

From the pure look of the back fender with it's iconic, multi-function sissy bar to the quintessential Harley look of the fuel tank with it's emblazoned painted flames that'll make heads turn for sure to the chopper-style front fork with triple clamps in shimmering steel, you can be sure you're riding in style with the Wide Glide.

Smooth cruising with the patented HD engine

As is usual for motorcycles from Harley Davidson, the engine has both raw power and functions that makes the ride as smooth as possible. The Twin Cam™ engine found in the 2015 Wide Glide has a very clean look with glimmering chrome with heads and cylinders varnished in black.

The experience of a century rests in the engines made by Harley Davidson, which shows both when tranquilly cruising on highways and climbing roads in steep hills. The engine is air-cooled and responds quickly to your lightest touch which heightens the riding experience significantly.

Customize your bike for relaxed riding

Something that is very special about the 2015 edition of the Wide Glide motorcycle is the customizable suspension. It is surprisingly easy to modify the suspension to, for example, give you a more relaxed riding position by lowering the suspension. Combine this with the feet controls that compared to most other models can be found further in the front and you can be sure you'll have a damn comfortable ride.

Even the rims and deck have been carefully regulated to fit the chopper veneer of the Wide Glow while giving maximum safety during your travels.  True to it's 70's roots, the rims are made up of steel spokes that safely cradles the quality Michelin Scorcher tires from which you get endurance, grip and control all in one packet.

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