Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle 2015

Harley Davidson V-Rod muscle 2015

The styling of V-rod muscle

The bike got lot of beautiful details, for example a fat rear tire, drag style handlebars, inverted forks and side mounted license plate but also dual exhaust system.

The fork and front end

The fork is inspired by racing. The forks are inverted to increase strength and reduce unsprung weight. The front end gives a dominating look.

The exhaust system

The V-rod muscle got dual exhaust satin chrome finish. The exhaust proves that a performance exhaust still can be beautiful. The exhaust got fat turnout mufflers. The pipes add the beefy look of the bike.

Handlebars with instrument cluster

The bike got drag style handlebars with instrument cluster. The wiring is internally routed . It looks mean and clean. The attached triple gauge cluster bold, sleek and easy to read rpm, mph, rpm and fuel gauges. The bike gives you an aggressive power cruising position.

Forward mounted controls

V-Rod muscle got forward mounted controls. You can stretch your legs when you cruise through the state line or just through the town.

The big rear tire

The V-Rod muscle bike got a 240 mm wide rear tire. The back tire enhances the pure dragster look. There is no doubt the rear tire on this bike is ultra fat and it looks powerful.

The engine

The V-Rod muscle uses the Harley Davidson Revolution engine. The engine sirvived the Dusseldorf Test along Germany's  Autobahn. The Revolution engine surpassed the goal of 500 hours of non stop performance. This is quality this is Harley Davidson.  Polished cylinder heads and rocker covers for a exclusive look, while the machined cooling fin tips give it a stripped down metal finish.

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