Harley Davidson Switchback 2015

Harley Davidson Switchback 2015

Driving Harley Davidson Switchback is like having two bikes in one. You can make the switch from touring to cruising or back in a matter of seconds. The riding moods change, sometimes you like the windshield and the saddlebags and sometimes you just need a cruiser. The bike is a classical Harley Davidson with clean styling lines. Switchback is a tourer that goes the distance.

The heritage is there

The retro features on Switchback makes a visual statement that's rooted in Harley Davidson. For example the big hallmark chromed headlamp or the ape hanger handlebars and the 5-inch speedo tank console just look beautiful.

Wheels and fenders

The full fenders on Switchback do more then keep the mud of your neck. The fenders add a classic profile to the bike. The five spoke wheel inspired by hot-rod is not just there for show. The five spoke wheels may be eye catching but you should know their aluminium construction enhance the Switchback's handling.

Adjustable rear shocks

The classic adjustable cigar tube rear shocks looks vintage Harley Davidson but it feels like anything but old-school. You cab switch your suspension to suit both touring or cruising. The rear shocks can be adjusted with just a spanner wrench. So it's easy to go the distance with Switchback. Inside the rear shocks you will find oil emulsion damping control.

The bikes chassis

Even getting the bike off or on its stand is easy. The Switchback is actually the lightest custom touring chassis available in its bike class. So with other words, you can maneuver and move with complete confidence nimbly. The bike feel easy to handling.

Two-up seat

The Switchbacks saddle provides both comfort and back support and also relieves pressure on your thighs. There is also plenty of room for the passenger. The saddle still got the nostalgic look.

detachable saddlebags

The removable saddlebags come off quickly and no tools needed. When you need the cargo space and you are cruising and you want your bike to look great and it does. The saddlebags got style and the are pure and simple to use. The hard case exterior keeps your things well protected.

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