Harley Davidson Superlow 1200T 2015

Harley Davidson superlow 1200T sportster

Every final detail is premium from the V-Twin engine to the paint and the steel parts. Every inch is Harley Davidson and you will see the value for each passing mile.

The fuel tank

The fuel tank is designed like a teardrop. The volym is 4.5 gallon so you got plenty of fuel for those long stretches. The fuel tank got smooth curve around the bottom edge. The tank also got very classical lines. The tank is also mounted to leave a good amount of space to showcase the V-Twin engine.

Lockable saddlebags

On the Superlow 1200T model you have a pair of sleek lockable good looking saddlebags. So you can pack up for some big miles and still look good. The bike also got docking points that make it easy to add a luggage rack and even a sissy bar.

The windshield

The windshield is included on the Superlow 1200T model. The windshield got a quick release function so you can strip down fast for a clean look. Or perhaps you only want to feel a little more wind.

Five spoke aluminium wheels

The new Superlow 1200T model got new five spoke cast aluminium wheels. The wheels are machine polished and also painted i black to give you the premium finish.

The engine

The motorcycle got the Evolution engine known as the blockhead. The engine got inspiration from shovelhead and ironhead engines. The engine size is 1200cc and the motor is air-cooled. The rubber mounted Evolution engine rides smooth so you also need less routine maintenance. The engine is jewel machined out of metal. You find classic clean lines of covers and cases. The drive ratio is dialed in for smooth handling at low speed. The engine also got electronic fuel injectio

The seat

The main reason to why this model is called Superlow 1200T is because the seat is just 25.5 inches off the ground. The low seat combined with a narrow frame makes it easy to maneuver. The rear shocks

The suspension

This model get emulsion shock and twin tube system which is adjustable. So you can easy match you riding style with the suspension.

mini footboards and mid mount controls

Your feet are riding on new mini footboards. They are supposed to give you more comfort because the more comfortable you are the farther you want to ride with your Harley Davidson.

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