Harley Davidson Street Bob 2015

Harley Davidson Street Bob 2015

Street Bob with classic design

The bike is pure post-war bobber. The motorcycle is minimalist and clean. Many of the wires are for example routing inside the steel. The handlebar is a stainless steel ape hanger. The Harley Davidson logo is bolted on both sides of the fuel tank.

Street Bob's lights - fender - wheels

The bullet tail lights works both as stop beams and turn indicators and also as running lights in old-school look. The fenders ar classic and minimalist. The wheels are black laced. The front is a 19" wheel. The wheels are blacked out just like the Twin Cam engine. The design is minimalist but still premium in every detail - it's Harley Davidson.

Street Bob - dark custom

The Street Bob got the raw look. Essential bobber style with massive amounts of black. The bike got an unpolished street attitude. Street Bob delivers what you need, nothing else. The traditional bobber is aggressive and it's here to stay. Even the tank mounted console is made for function only and in black. The console includes key-ignition, indicator lights, speedometer with RPM indicator and engine diagnostics.

Street Bob heart is the Twin Cam 103 Engine

The finish features a blacked-out powertrain. Minimal styling even the battery box is black as the engine.  Commitment to life on two wheels created the Twin Cam 103 engine. The engine is more refined then ever. You will feel free when you fire up you bike. If you seek customization you can easily personalize your Street Bob straight from the factory. The six-speed cruise drive transmission gives you quiet shifting and also reduces engine speed on the road. You will feel the match between road speed and engine turnover.

Adjustable suspension

You can adjust preload without spanner wrench to suit your suspension to your riding style. The rear suspension gives your bike a more laid back style and position. 

Mounted foot controls

The Street Bob got mid mounted foot controls. Perfect for riders whose legs run slightly shorter than other bikers. So let you boots fall where the may and grab hold of the ape hanger handlebar and enjoy the ride.

A dark custom with security system

The preinstalled security system arms and disarms the motorbikes security functions as you walk away or approach the bike.Just stick the fob on your ignition key ring and let the security system system do all the work.

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