Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow 2014

Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow 2014

Comfortable riding

The Superlow model from Harley Davidson is perfect for new riders or for riders with short legs. The riding position gives you a tight rider triangle and that will bring you great confidence when you are on the road. The bike is very easy to control with the mid mounted foot controls. The Superlow 2014 model also got comfortable handlebar which is easy to grip. The rear suspension is made longer and the seat got the low bucket profile. So no matter if you lifting it off its side stand or driving the bike on the road. You will feel that you got a motorcycle that is easy to maneuver.

Wheels and tires

The superlow model got an 18 inch front wheel and  a 17 inch rear wheel.  The wheels are split five spoke wheels and machined rims. The front end combined with the spoke wheels get you through low speed maneuvers and turns. The tires from Michelin gives you a sensational grip and durability. The tires both improves grip and water evacuation. They have mounted aramid belts to help you stabilize you driving and give you more confidence on the open road.

Premium styling and design

The iconic teardrop fuel tank tells everybody that this is a pure Harley Davidson. The design of the fuel tank gives you amount of room to show of the chromed details on you good looking V-Twin engine. The graphics on the tank is premium paint. The Superlow model combines chrome with steel parts and good looking premium paint. The motorcycle got high quality right through. The low profile of the bike gives the bike a perfect Harley Davidson look.

The evolution engine

The engine on the Superlow model is a 883 cc Evolution engine. Harley Davidson have silver powder coated the cylinders on the engine. The Evolution engine is jewel machined out of metal. You will find clean lines and a premium Harley Davidson look. If you got attention to details you also will also see that the Evolution engine is air cooled. The cylinders and the heads are made in aluminium to improve the air cooling and of course also to load of the bike. You will also got increased reliability. The Superlow model need less routine maintenance, thanks to the electronic fuel injection and the rubber mounted solution to the engine. The Evolution engine is sometimes called the blockhead engine. The heritage goes back to 1984 when Harley Davidson mounted the first Blockhead engine to frame of a Harley Davidson.

Low profile

The Superlow model is really easy to drive in especially at lower speeds. This helps you as a new rider to build up a rider confidence. The motorcycle is easy to handling and gives you a smooth ride. The low seat on the narrow frame is some of the reason to why the bike is so easy to maneuver. The seat hight is only 25.5 inch. The rear suspension is both longer and lower. A great solution to avoid sacrificing seat hight. Still the Superlow model pass through unexpected road conditions and bumps with out any problems.

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