Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow 1200T 2014

Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow 1200T 2014

The styling of Superlow 1200T

This motorcycle is designed the way only Harley Davidson can do it. A motorcycle with smooth curves and classic lines. Far away from cheap looking metal ridge. The teardrop fuel tank mounted on Superlow 1200T is a good example of great design. Designed and mounted to leave a good amount of room to show off the big 1200cc V-Twin engine. The fuel tank swallows 4.5 gallon, so you got plenty of gas for your long bike tours between towns.

Great riding position with the foot controls

They have mounted mid mount foot controls on the Superlow 1200T. The motorcycle have a great riding position and thanks to the re-positioned of the foot controls you will find it easy to access the jiffy stand. It's also no problem reaching the ground when it's time to stop the motorcycle. The mid mount controls is a kind of mini footboards that will give you much more support for your feets compared to pegs. You will feel that your feet are exactly where you want them to be. The riding position makes a good balance in the corners.

The seat and the handlebar

As we mentioned before, it's easy to reach the ground when you stop the bike. The is no doubt why the model name of the motorcycle is Superlow 1200T. The seat height is only 25.5 inches above the ground. So with a narrow nose seat and a narrow frame combined with the low seat height it makes the bike easy to maneuver down straight an through turns. The seat also gives you a great back support at the same time as the seat looks beautiful. The handlebar is very easy to grip.  The handlebars chrome speedo and chrome rear turn signal bar gives you all the information you need on you tour. The handlebar is made in chrome.

The engine on Superlow 1200T

The motorcycle have a rubber mounted V-Twin engine with 1200 cc. It's the Evolution engine from Harley Davidson also sometimes called the Blockhead engine. The engine is air cooled and therefore also got very clean lines. The engine blocks are jewel machined out of metal. The cylinder heads are made in chrome and the cylinders are painted in black. You will find authentic style of Harley Davidson. Many of the engine parts are made if aluminium for two reasons. First of all reduce the weight but also to improve the air cooling efficiency to the Evolution engine. This engine also got electronic fuel injection. So the carburetors have been sent to history. A summary would be to say, that you can ride this bike thousands of miles with a minimum of routine maintenance.

Adjustable rear suspension

The Superlow 1200T got at twin tube system that makes it possible to adjust the rear shocks to match your riding style. With other words, you don't need any special tools, just dial in you ride and drive away.

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