Harley Davidson Sportster Seventy Two 2014

Harley Davidson Sportster Seventy Two 2014

The great details on the Seventy Two model

Like most of the other Sportster motorcycles in the Sportster family, the Seventy Two also got the classical fuel tank thats look like a peanut. The heritage of the peanut fuel tank goes back to the 1948. So The Seventy Two model got modern attitude combined with traditional styling. The fuels tanks design gives the good looking V-Twin engine good possibilities to show off.

wheels and lights

The tires on the Seventy Two model got whitewall tires which gives the motorcycle the complete old school motorcycle look. The front wheel is 21 inch large and matches the rest och the motorcycles lines perfectly. The front fender is minimalistic like the old school chopper look. The rear fender is also raw and clean. Harley Davidson have also mounted the license plate on the side. The chrome tail lights got the nice old school design but inside you will find new technology. Running lights, turn signals and stop beams in the same lamp.

The 1200cc Evolution engine

The rubber mounted 1200cc Evolution engine is one of the largest engines in the Sportster family. The new engine got many great benefits. For example Electronic fuel injection. So you dont need any carburetors anymore. The air cleaner cover in mirror chrome makes a good statement and got that retro look from glory days if old iron. The engines heads and cylinders are made of aluminium. The aluminium gives the engine improved air cooling efficiency and at the same time lighten the load of the motorcycle. Many of the parts of the engine are jeweled machined out of metal. The top cylinders are in chrome and the cylinders at black power coated. The Evolution engine got the heritage from the old ironhead and the shovelhead engines. Evolution engine are also many times called the blockhead engine.

New exhaust system on the Seventy Two model

When the Evolution engine starts, you will hear the heart pounding and the rumble from the engine and the exhaust system. The new closed loop exhaust system from Harley Davidson contains the latest technology which both improves the drivability and the emissions standards world wide. The exhaust system contains for example a catalyst and also heated oxygen sensors. The exhaust got shields and new durable mufflers. The exhaust system is covered in chrome.

New brake system

The brakes on the Seventy Two model have been improved, both when it comes to finish, performance and fit. Harley Davidson have also increased the size of the brake rotors from 292 mm to 300 mm. The front caliper have also been replaced. The new brakes gives more power but also predictability when you use the brakes. You can never go too far when it comes to improving a motorcycle's brakes.

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