Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 2014

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 2014

An aggressive motorcycle - Iron 883

The Iron 883 got the old school motorcycle look. Together with the black drag style handlebar  and the mid foot controls it will bring you an aggressive riding position. The motorcycle is stripped down to a no chrome, just black and minimal look. Even the handlebar controls are in black.

The fuel tank

The Iron 883 got the nostalgic 3.3 gallon peanut fuel tank. It is modern technology with traditional styling. The design of the fuel tank matches perfectly with lines and angels down to the low solo seat.

The lights license plate

The headlight on the motorcycle is in black. The Iron 883 is a real anti chrome bike. The bullet tail lights in retro style works twice as hard. The two low profile rear lamps got running lights and stop beams and also turn indicator in the same two lamps. Function and minimal look at the same time. This solution eliminates the need for extra lights on the bike and gives you a cleaner look instead. To keep the rear surface uncluttered and nice and smooth, Harley Davidson have side mounted the license plate just to give you the raw custom look.

The engine on Iron 883

The heritage from the shovelhead and ironhead engines are still there. The Evolution engine also known as the blockhead engine is mounted in the Iron 883 model. Both the heads and the cylinders are made in aluminium and is jewel machined out. It gives the Iron 883 both an improved air cooling efficiency and reduces the weight on the motorcycle. The engine is rubber mounted to increase reliability and to reduce the routine maintenance. The Evolution engine also got electronic fuel injection so you don't need any carburetors anymore. The cylinders on Iron 883 is black powder coated even the cylinder heads are black. The Evolution gives the Iron 883 the right statement.

The exhaust system on  the Iron 883

The motorcycle got classic Harley Davidson heart pounding rumble. The Iron 883 got new closed loop exhaust system in chrome. The exhaust system got exhaust shield mounted and also oxygen sensors and catalyst to improve the driveability and emissions. So it's both better for the environment and also makes you freedom ride better. The exhaust system meet the emissions standards world wide.

The motorcycles handling and comfort

The bike gives confidence to new riders and the Iron 883 provides you with perfect comfort on your ride. The front on the bike is lowered and also the rear suspension. Together with a seat height of only 25.7 inch it give you a easy driving bike that looks low and aggressive. If you got legs that are slightly shorter than other bikers, you will find the Iron 883 perfect for you. The motorcycle got a tight rider triangle thanks to the mid mounted controls.

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