Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom 2014

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom 2014

The 1200 Custom - good looking details

The bike got many nice details. For example a beautiful chrome five spoke front wheel. The size of the front wheel is 16 inch. The chromed wheel will cast striking reflections wherever you ride. If that's not enough you can always get your new Harley Davidson personalized with H-D1 factory customization. You can choose everything from handlebars to engines, paint and wheels and after that place your order.

The 1200 Custom - comfort

The motorcycle got a really great seat for solo riding but the seat on on 1200 Custom got plenty of room for one of your friends or your loved one. The seat got classical design made in one piece in premium leather. After you have sink into the saddle of this bike you will feel that your hands fall naturally to the grips. The 1200 Custom got a pullback handlebar. The handlebar gives you a good and laid back riding position. The handlebar is actually really comfortable at the same time as they give a tough biker custom look. Together with the chromed forward mounted controls you can cruise through the state lines without feeling tired.

The engine on the 1200 Custom

A real good looking engine from Harley Davidson with chromed cylinder heads and black powder coated cylinders. The engine is jewel machined out of metal to the classic iconic V-Twin engine. The engine size is 1200cc on the Evolution engine. The heads and the cylinders on the engine are made of aluminium. The engine is air cooled which gives the bike nice and clean lines. The Evolution engine on the 1200 Custom for electronic fuel injection instead of carburetors and boasts. This engine can run hard for thousands of miles.

New exhaust system

The Evolution engine combined with the new exhaust system delivers a really heart pounding sound and performance and the great rumble thats is significant for Harley Davidson. The exhaust system is a closed loop exhaust with exhaust shields and also integrated oxygen sensors and a catalyst. This new changes both improves the drivability and the worldwide emissions standards today and in the future. A nice bonus is of course that the exhaust system in chrome looks real good on the 1200 Custom.

Gear and tacho indicator

The speedometers mounted on 2014's 1200 Custom got new design and function. You can now activate your tachometer from your trip switch. You also got at gear indicator readout on the speedometer. With other words, from now on you got all your information you need on your freedom ride.

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