Harley Davidson Softail Slim 2015

Harley Davidson Softail Slim 2015

For Harley Davidson's Softail Slim 2015, the concept is an attempt to unite the good ol' bobber bike with the strength and comfort of motorcycles of today.

The vintage Harley facade can be seen in everything from shocks, handlebars and the sleek profile of the motorcycle to the quintessential Harley engine with it's raw power and look that won't go unnoticed anywhere in the world.

Reviving the bobber-style motorcycle

To capture the bona fide look of classic Harley's while keeping up with modern standards for leisure and safety is an art that Harley continues to attempt to master.

For the Softail series of motorcycles from Harley, including the 2015 edition of Softail Slim, the rigid-suspension appearance is very iconic and is achieved by concealing the rear shocks.

Reminders of the bobber era can also be found in several details of the Softail Slim. The slimmed profile of the motorcycle when seen from behind, along with the classic "Hollywood" handlebars, headlight coating and console gives it a distinct 40's look that should please nostalgic riders.

Comfortable solo riding in 40's style

The Softail Slim is designed to be mounted by a single rider, with a seat that is compact, low and allows you to really sink into the motorcycle rather than being on it. Together with the slim foot rests in a very distinctive half-oval shapes, with it's special rubber designed to fend off vibrations, the Softail Slim manages to retains it retro look without losing any comfort.

A Harley 2015 motorcycle doesn't come without it's share of security systems. With a fob you can easily attach to your key ring the Softail Slim will automatically activate and deactivate it's electronic security based on your proximity. So you can calmly leave your bike, reassured that it is automatically protected.

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