Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Softail Classic 2014

Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Softail Classic 2014

Heritage Softail Classic - a nostalgic custom

This motorbike is full of chrome and good looking paint. The motorbike comes with steel laced wheels with a chrome hub and black walls or optional with chrome laces and white walls on the tires. The leather saddlebags got the classical nostalgic look and are mounted with quick release buckles. The Heritage Softail Classic 2014 is a real boulevard custom cruiser. The motorbike got so many great details. The fenders looks perfect with the chrome details. The headlamp really make a statement with the seven inch size.

The footboards

The Heritage Softail Classic is perfect for long rides and touring and we will tell you why. First of all the footboards are full length so you will find the right foot positions for you perfect comfort and taste. The footboards are rubber mounted to isolate vibrations and give you a better riding exp Heritage Softail Classic - the footboards

Windshield and handlebars

The windshield on the Heritage Softail Classic is detachable. You can choose between classic custom look or leave the windshield on and you are ready for touring. One great thing Harley Davidson have giving a thought is that the windshield is scratch resistant. The is low maintenance on the windshield thanks to the polycarbonate. The handlebar in durable stainless steel gives you the perfect comfort and great design at the same time. Harley Davidson have designed the handlebar to fit your body and make sure that your muscles remain calm every mile of the road.

Hardtail look and solo seat

The heritage Softail Classic got that hardtail look thanks to the hidden rear suspension. The rear shocks are hidden in the guts. So the motorbike gives you that regid vintage look but with modern comfort. Perfect combination between design and riding comfort. The two piece seat on the Heritage Softail Classic is easy to remove. The seat pillion is removable really fast. Perfect if you want to convert you motorbike to a solo ride. The passenger seat and the backrest are perfect if you bring a friend along for the ride. The rider seat give you the perfect back support you need if you planning to ride long distances.

The Twin Cam 103 engine

The air cooled engine from Harley Davidson gives you a lively reaction when you move the throttle. The new engines also got Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection. You will appreciate the Twin Cam 103 engine when you got a passenger in back or the motorbike is full of luggage and you are climbing hills. The shifting goes smooth and quit thanks to the Six Speed Cruise Drive Transmission from Harley Davidson. You will feel the perfect combination between road speed and engine turnover.

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