Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy Lo 2014

Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy Lo 2014

The Fat Boy Lo 2014 got old school in every detail. The motorcycle shows of a dark custom with the fat look. The Fat Boy model got everything from blacked out details and hidden rear suspension to fat features like the fat custom fuel tank.

Blacked out finishes on the Fat Boy Lo 2014

When you look at the Fat Boy Lo 2014 from Harley Davidson, you will find that there are black details everywhere on the motorcycle. Almost everything besides the paint is black. Everything from many parts on the engine to the exhaust system and even the mirrors and the headlamp comes in black. In a way you could say black is the new chrome.

Seat and suspension

The seat on the Fat Boy Lo 2014 have been slimmed up to both make sure it gives you a pleasurable ride but also to give the low seat height. You can really feel the connection to the road when you ride this bike. The rear suspension is dropped 1.15 inches and it is now down to 24.25 inches. Perfect for you who seek a low bike. The hidden rear shocks gives the motorcycle the classical old school look from det 60's and 70's choppers. Modern comfort with other words but with a rigid look. The horizontal rear shocks are hidden in the guts.

The engine on the Fat Boy Lo 2014

The Twin Cam 103 engine from Harley Davidson makes a real statement about holding on and staying true to what satisfies. The good looking engine got black powder coated cylinders. Many parts on the Twin Cam engine is jewel machined out of metal. Thanks to the air cooling, the engine got clean lines. The new engine also ride more smoothly and got better highway fuel economy and also less engine vibration. You will feel the engine when you give throttle reaction thanks to the electronic sequential port fuel injection. It is a perfect a perfect match between road speed and engine turnover when you shifting the six speed cruise drive transmission.

Black foot boards

The Fat Boy Lo 2014 got full length rider footboards and they are in black. A perfect match to the rest of the motorcycle. The footboards are mounted with rubber vibration isolation. You shift gears with the heel toe function. So you got plenty of foot positions.

Fat tires

The front tire is 140mm wide and the rear tire is 200mm and is both beefy and gives you the perfect contact on the ride. The tires comes from Dunlop. So you rubber is real quality. Fat is sometimes better.

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