Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy 2014

Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy 2014

Fat boy - wheels and tires

The Fat Boy model from Harley Davidson is famous for the disc wheels. The wheels are mirror chrome bullet hole disc wheels. Iconic for the Fat Boy motorcycle. The tire on the front disc wheel is 140mm wide. The rear wheel have a beefy 200mm tire. The tires comes from Dunlop. Thanks to the wide wheels and the premium tires, the motorcycle gives you a confident feeling and a smooth and great contact with the road. You can roll with gleaming eye appeal.

The seat on the Fat Boy model

You can either bring you better half along or a friend or you can stripped back solo profiling because the seat pillion is detachable. The Fat Boy motorcycle comes with the classical two piece seat and like the old school styling it's included with chrome bullet studded seat valance. With the new seat on the Fat Boy motorcycle, you will be comfortable with the bike on the road. The seat height is low. Harley Davidson has slimmed up the seat on the new 2014 model so every inch of low pays off in your experience and pleasure when you ride the motorcycle down the Boulevard.

A motorcycle with a hardtail look

The Softail Fat Boy model got the classical lines of a vintage hardtail frame so if you love the rigid suspension old school look, this is the right motorcycle for you. The Fat Boy is very comfortable bike and got all modern comforts. The rear suspension is hidden in the guts. So it brings the rigid hardtail look even if it's a softail.

The Fat Boy with fat features

The Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy is a original fat custom bike in nostalgic style. The fuel tank is big and makes a statement far away. Both the headlamp and the front fork are huge and fat. A tight bike in some way but still big in all the right places. The rubber on the rear tire is for example 200mm - that is wide.

The Fat Boy with the Twin Cam 103 Engine

The engine on the Fat Boy motorcycle is the Twin Cam 103 Engine. The engine got clean lines thanks to the air cooling construction. Many parts on the engine is jewel machined out of metal. The cylinders are black powder coated. The Twin Cam engine is more refined than ever with the new lightweight piston design. The engine only need low routine maintenance thanks to strong internal parts and a strong driveline. Combined with at quit and smooth shifting together with the Six Speed Cruise Drive transmission. A perfect combination between road speed and engine turnover. The engine hot Harley Davidson's unique styling so when you drive the Fat Boy motorcycle, you carry on the legacy of Harley Davidson.

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