Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2015

Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2015

Authentic styling

Harley Davidson softail deluxe is the right bike if you need a comfortable custom bike. On the outside it still looks like a rigid hardtail Harley. The horizontal rear shocks is hidden. So with other words, you get the classic lines like a hardtail old-school bike. The style on softail deluxe is still fat and classy. Up front you have a huge seven inch headlamp combined with fat front fork behind the lamp. It's timeless classic design.

Old school fenders & whitewall tires

Softail deluxe got distinctive lines and profile by combining a chrome front and stretched old-school fenders. In the same time it will keep the mud off your back. The white nostalgic white tires completes the historical 50s boulevard look. Again old-school styling even the year 2015.

Pure Harley Davidson engine & transmission

The black powder-coated cylinders and heads are highlighted by machine cooling fin tips. All jewel machined out of metal. What you see on the softail deluxe 2015 is the Twin Cam 103 engine. It's pure and authentic Harley Davidson. The engine got nice and clean lines and the details is absolutly perfect. The new six-speed Transmission got the perfect match between engine turnover and road speed. So the new transmision gives you both smooth shifting and reduces engine speed on the road. By using Harley Davidson Softail deluxe you are carrying on the legacy of previous engines that came before. The engine is built without compromising on bit with style.

Twin Cam 103 Engine Power for climbing hills

The Twin Cam 103 engine is more refined than ever. Built in lightweight piston design. The engine delivers power and throttle reaction thanks to the electronic sequential port fuel injection. You will appreciate the performance with passenger in back or with luggage, climbing hills. The engine comes with lower cruising rpm, so it gives you less vibration and also better fuel economy.

Safety riding with the right brakes & tires

The new ABS system are stylized within the wheel hub, so you still get clean streamlined design. The new design of the handlebar master and front cylinders adds up to more stopping power with less effort so you know your bike is going to behave correct when you need it.

Comfort while riding your Harley Davidson

To get a comfortable ride you need a good riding position. The Softail Deluxe 2015 got heel-toe shifting just to get a smooth rhythm. The toes of your boots won't take the same beating. It's easy to choose if you want to ride duo or solo. The passenger seat pillon is removable. The softail deluxe got one of the most slammed seats you wi'll find. The pullback riser and pullback handlebar gives you the confidence ergonomic comfort you need and search for - grab your freedom.

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