Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2014

Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe 2014

Tires and fenders

Some of the things that gives the Softail Deluxe 2014 its distinctive softails lines are the tires and the fenders but also the hardtail look even if it is a softail motorcycle. The whitewall tires gives the motorcycle that 1950's boulevard look. A nostalgic and old school styling but without sacrificing any performance. The beautiful fenders got the right vintage design and symbolize real custom cruising profile. The fenders got fender tips in chrome to give that extra tasty look. And of course with full fenders the bike will keep the mud off your neck.

Softail Deluxe - with hardtail look

The Softail deluxe 2014 from Harley Davidson got the perfect look if you love the rigid suspension look but still want to have a comfortable motorcycle. So with other words, Softail deluxe got the classic lines of a vintage hardtail motorcycle but the rear suspension is hidden under the guts so all modern comforts are where they belong. The rear suspension is also perfect if you have friend who wants to come along. 

Seat and luggage rack

The seat on the Softail Deluxe 2014 got slimed sides and is very low. At a low down of only 24,5 inches. The seat is a classic two up seat. One of the benefits is that the passenger seat pillion is detachable. Perfect when you want to go for a bike ride solo. The passenger pillion is easy to mount. You can of course always leave it on with the possibility of bringing a friend along for a ride. The luggage rack is made in minimal design but is very useful when you got some luggage. The luggage rack comes in chrome and is a great combination between function and form.

Tank console and handlebar

The console is mounted on the fat fuel tank. The console holds all the information you need. Everything from gear and rpm and odometer and speedometer. The handlebar is mounted with pullback risers and this solution gives you a better grip and a more aerodynamic contour. The handlebar gives you the right comfort on long rides with your motorcycle.

The engine on the Softail Deluxe 2104

The engine on the Softail Deluxe 2014 is the big Twin Cam 103 engine. The engine gives you a lively throttle reaction thanks to the electronic sequential port fuel injection. Something you will appreciate when you bring with you for example your better half or / and luggage. You want to climb in hills without problems and with this motorcycle, you can. The shifting of gears is both quit and smooth thanks to the Six Speed Cruise Drive transmission. The engine got clean lines and no extra cooling equipment is mounted on the motorcycle - it is air cooled.

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