Harley Davidson Seventy Two 2015

The 2015 Seventy Two from Harley Davidson carries the torch of the choppers of the 70's into the modern times of today.

With a slim look that oozes of chromatic steel with a narrow front wheel, handlebars that are both high and wide, rims consisting of a multitude of spokes as well as various stunning paint options you have in the Seventy Two a genuine retro chopper-style motorcycle.

Retro 70's chopper look

The handlebars are clean and high, with the wiring concealed inside the metal, and side mirrors mounted above. The rear contrasts against the front with it's sleek fender, side-mounted license plate and bullet backlights. The wheels found beneath those fenders are large, yet slim at 21-inches filled with spokes.

The gas tank is retro Peanut style, meaning it is both high and slim. With room for 2.1 gallons of fuel it still provides plenty of miles to ride between fuel stops. The stylish Harley Davidson graphics found on it further enhances the 70's look of the 2015 edition of the Seventy Two from Harley Davidson.

Something truly unique about the Seventy Two is the custom paint, dubbed Hard Candy by the Harley Davidson crew. Instead of regular paint, Hard Candy is made up of big metal shavings that comes in five different variations that all give the motorcycle a more retro, brighter appearance.

Powerful engine with interesting exhaust system

The Evolution 1200cc engine from Harley Davidson is powerful, with air-cooling and electronic fuel injection making the bike more dependable with less upkeep.

As is the case for most Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Seventy Two 2015 boasts an engine that glimmers in chrome, with some details having a coating of black. The cylindrical air cleaner is particularly noteworthy, not to mention the interesting look of the exhaust pipe, where one is positioned far to the front and the other near the rear.

The braking system of the Seventy Two can definitely be categorized as high-performance with the so-called Foundation system, where the rotors have been increased, the front caliber having gotten an upgrade as well as the motorcycle being equipped with an anti-lock braking system.

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