Harley Davidson Road King 2015

The Road King is one of the many touring motorcycles from Harley Davidson where the commanding presence of the brand has been preserved along with added comforts and conveniences that make life on the road so much more enjoyable.

A streamlined look, both rear and front

The Road King 2015 has a streamlined look that is so characteristic for modern Harley Davidson touring motorcycles. All the way from the Hiawatha headlamp and 17-inch Impeller wheel in the front, with it's large fender, to the rear license plate mounted low below the LED backlight and reflectors, that gives the bike such a clean appearance.

The fuel tank is classic Harley Davidson style, housing six gallons of gas, meaning it's large frame has plenty of room to show off the paint, "Harley Davidson USA" badge as well as the tank-mounted speedometer where RPM and current gear are conveniently displayed.

The engine is quintessential Harley Davidson as well, with it's shining chrome with heads and cylinders glazed in the darkest of black.

Ergonomics and comfort in perfect harmony

The 2015 edition of the Harley Davidson Road King is designed to provide it's rider(s) with the ability to spend increased amounts of time on the road. This means stricter requirements regarding both the comfort, convenience and safety of the motorcycle.

The slim saddle seats two people, with the rider being cradled in the low seat made of quality leather and stitching that has been crafted with significant ergonomic focus. The foot rests, with their toe/heel gear shifting, are large and positioned to give the rider as comfortable position as possible while also blocking parts of the road vibrations.

The front of the bike sports a broad set of handlebars, and option for mounting a windshield to enhance the tranquility of your ride. On the handlebars you have the cruise control that can be such a key function for touring motorcycles.

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