Harley Davidson Road Glide Special 2015

The Road Glide Special 2015 is a variation of the regular Harley Davidson Road Glide is, with it's powerful road performance and high-performance infotainment system, an impressive addition to the Harley touring lineup.

As part of the HD venture "Project Rushmore" where the riders themself got to participate in the improvement of various aspects in the more luxurious, premium Harley motorcycles, the Road Glide Special 2015 has gotten many upgrades making it a top-notch choice for riders that like to travel long-distance with their vehicle.

Plenty of useful functions

With the Harley Smart security system, that automatically arms and disarms the Road Glide Special 2015 electrical security depending on whether you're close to it or not, you can keep your motorcycle safe just by sticking a small device on your keyring.

The infotainment system found on the Road Glide Special is top-notch with 5.25-inch speakers that includes both radio and USB port where you can plug in your cell phone or other device and play your own music.

The audio player has built-in equalizer as well as automatic volume adjustment depending on the velocity of the vehicle. It also features voice recognition and bluetooth to make the long journeys touring with the 2015 Road Glide Special even more convenient.

The quintessential Harley look and feel

The 2015 edition of Harley Davidson's Road Glide Special manages to retain the look and feel that is so typical for the brand, despite being quite different from the quintessential HD motorcycle.

The engine is a beauty of chromatic steel with cylinders and heads in darker varnish and the fuel tank is large (6 gallons) with a classic Harley Davidson badge on it as well as the rear fender.

The front fairing is spacious to make room for the console, and the new handlebars are positioned further towards the rider to create a more agreeable riding position.

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