Harley Davidson Road Glide 2015

The Road Glide 2015 is one of the new additions to Harley Davidson's touring motorcycles, as well as a result of the Project Rushmore initiative with upgraded features based on community input.

With many convenient features, an abundance of storage space, an impressive infotainment system contained on the spacious console of the bike as well as ample amounts of comfort and and safety, the Road Glide is an imposing part of Harley Davidson's touring lineup.

Infotainment with crystal clear sound

Typical for touring motorcycles from Harley Davidson, the infotainment system is a big part of the package, and makes all the hours spent on the road more convenient and enjoyable. It includes a Boom!™ radio that comes equipped with both equalizer and volume being possible to be auto-adjusted according to the bike's velocity.

The 2015 Road Glide comes with two 5.25-inch speakers delivering pure sound that can easily be heard behind the motorcycle's curved windshield and large front, and you have the option to plug in your USB device instead of listening to the radio. The button are also extra large to make them easier to operate while riding with gloves, which is a function common in touring motorcycles from Harley Davidson.

Top-notch brake system and tires

Tires and brake systems are improved for increased safety during the long travels a touring bike often entails, and this is no different for the 2015 Road Glide from Harley Davidson.

With Multi-Tread™ tires from Dunlop you can be sure you're getting quality rubber that can endure mile after mile on the road. The front tire is cradled in the relatively large front fender, which in turn can be found between the big forks that are adapted for maximum responsiveness and steadyness when riding.

With dual disc ABS brakes on both front and rear wheel the brake power is more than enough, no matter how fast you're going. The front and rear brakes are also linked to activate simultaneously so you have precisely the right amount of strength you need to keep the vehicle steady.

Comfort and convenience for the long journeys

You should never discount the importance of comfort and convenience when it comes to touring motorcycles, and this is a feature Harley Davidson's 2015 edition of the Road Glide measures up properly.

The saddle houses two people, with the rider being comfortable cushioned in the low seat and with feet resting comfortable against the large footboards with heel/toe gear shifting, that are made of rubber that's designed to counteract the vibrations of the road and keep your feet comfortable during those long journeys.

You will have plenty of room for storage with the large saddlebags, one found on each side of the motorcycle. The Road Glide 2015 is also designed with the One-Touch creed in mind, where every compartment, including the saddlebags, can be opened by a single touch of your hand making it easier for glove-wearing riders.

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