Harley Davidson Night Rod Special 2015

One of the two V-Rod models from Harley Davidson in 2015, the Night Rod Special is almost bursting with power. Despite the force contained in the engine, this is a fairly lithe motorcycle that has a certain sporty element to it.

The Night Rod special exhibits a very modern, streamlined look, with chopped fenders displaying bulky wheels, low handlebars causing a slightly forward riding position and stylish dual exhaust pipes.

The color tones of the motorcycle are almost exclusively black, including engine, fenders, handlebars and fork, creating a very menacing appearance.

An extremely enduring, powerful engine

The engine is of the very enduring Revolution® variaton, that managed to pass the harrowing Dusseldorf test which is infamous in the industry. No matter the environment, the rider can rely on the engine outputting plenty of power for extended periods of time without faltering.

The Night Rod Special 2015 follows the classic Harley tradition of sporting engines with stunning facades, but for this model it comes with a rather unique look of pitch black metal that coats everything from cylinders and heads to the cooling system.

The Revolution engine, being the product of a cooperation with the talented team of Porsche, is something that carries the Harley Davidson spirit while being a powerhouse where everything pulls it's weight; fuel injection system, liquid cooling as well as an impressive 125 horses.

Saddle and feet controls promoting a forward riding position

The Night Rod Special comes with a low Bucket saddle that you can really sink into, of quality material that's been finely stitched to keep you comfortable while being modest and sleek to fit with the theme of the motorcycle.

The feet controls have been positioned with ergonomics firmly in mind and, along with the handlebars, reinforces a riding position that is slightly forward.

Other characteristics that help make this bike so unique are the inverted forks, lowering the weight center and making the turning smoother and more receptive to the rider's input  as well as the sleek front fender.

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