Harley Davidson Low Rider 2015

Harley Davidson Low rider 2015

Harley Davidson's Low Rider series is all about capturing the magic of the motorcycles of the 70's when low riding was at the height of it's popularity. Iconic features of the low-riding lifestyle such as Chunky Mag Wheels with their slim, rounded appearance and chrome rims as well as an exhaust system where the dual pipes have been converted to a thick, stylish single pipe.

The engine is always an iconic characteristic of any Harley Davidson motorcycle both when it comes to appearance and unique sound, and the 2015 Low Rider is no exception with it's Twin Cam™ where chrome and black details blend together in seemless harmony. Pay special notice to the air cleaner designed in classic pork chop fashion.

Low-riding like it was done during the 70's

Another feature of the 2015 Low Rider is the option to emphasize the low rider characteristics with a dual-tone paint which can give certain details on the motorcycle a special look that fits well with the 70's theme of the Low Rider. The rims also come in two flavors, one being laced chrome and the other being cast aluminium.

The elegant chrome and black engine along with custom parts such as chrome-plated fender struts, seat cover and headlight nestled underneath the handlebars are all parts of what makes the Low Rider such a special Harley Davidson classic model.

You'll find displays for both RPM and velocity right on the console of matte black that's located on top of the Fat Bob® fuel tank. True to the heritage of the 70's, the gas tank has no medallion or badge, instead having Harley Davidson stylishly painted in text.

Smooth riding with the powerful engine

The engine is a huge part of every motorcycle, and for the Low Rider you'll find Harley Davidson's Twin Cam 103™ with it's chrome-dominated look and black details on heads and cylinders. It is also thanks to the engine's innovative transmission system that you get such a responsive feel and silent gear-shifting that makes the Low Rider a pleasure to ride.

While the legacy of the nostalgic 70's motorcycles from Harley permeates the Low Rider, this is no reason why it should not come equipped with several functions that are considerably modern in their nature. The patented Smart Security System®, where the electronic security of the motorcycle is unlocked by the proximity of the driver, is a good example of the convienance of modern times being allowed to exist without compromising the looks and feel of the 70's.

The standard comforts of today's Harley Davidson motorcycles have not been forgotten in the Low Rider 2015 series. The seat has been ergonomically designed to be fit the rider regardless of height, something which is complemented by the handlebar riser. The mid-mount controls for your feet are also designed to be as comfortable as possible while also giving a riding position tailored to be balanced.

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