Harley Davidson Heritage softail classic 2015

Harley Davidson Heritage softail classic 2015

Harley Davidson's Heritage softail classic 2015 is a throwback to old classic Harley Davidson bikes from the 40's and attempts to recreate the feeling of a "boulevard cruiser" kind of bike.

This is supposed to be accomplished with help of laced wheels, whitewalls and studded leather which gives the 2015 Heritage softail classic the style that is so nostalgic for fans of older Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Nostalgic appearance of the olden classics

The saddle bags are studded, the fenders are highlighted in chrome and in a color that perfectly meshes with the rest of the bike, all designed to remind you of the style of bike you'd find during the golden era.

The Heritage softail classic 2015 combines the comforts of modern motorcycles with the stylish look of nostalgic Harleys from half a century ago. This way you get the vintage feel without being inconvenienced by the lack of functions introduced throughout the years. This mentality can be seen in, for example, the rear shocks are hidden beneath a surface of an appearance of rigid suspension.

Modern comforts hidden beneath a 40's exterior

The tank, which hold five gallons, is another old-school aspect of this bike, down to the stylish HD medallion. The speedometer is mounted on top of the tank and includes all info you need while driving, from velocity to gear and rpm.

Other examples of modern technology hiding under the classic surface of the Heritage softail classsic 2015 is the electronic security system that is automatically disabled when your fob gets in close proximity to the bike and vice versa. The ABS braking systems are also carefully hidden in the hub of your wheels to not detract from its classic appearance.

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