Harley Davidson Cross bones

Harley Davidson Cross Bones

As part of the "Dark Custom" line Harley Davidson has made an old-school bike model with impressive performance combined with an extremely refined V-twin engine. Harley Davidson Cross Bones looks like having just rolled out from the museum.

You will enjoy the ride on the highway

The rigid-mount engine, 1584 cc Twin Cam puts down 87.90 ft lbs of torque from as low as 2800 rpm.  Cross Bones also have an 6-speed drive transmission. So you can cruise on twisted back roads and also down the highway without any problems.

the classic rebel riding look

From the nostalgia point of view it's hard not to be caught up by the springer front end. Combined with a nice solo seat and ape-hanger handlebar it gives you the classic rebel riding look. The black frame is very low and with the laced steel wheels and black painted rims feature fat tires it will make make an impression rather you like the model or not.

Cross Bones is inspired by the post -war

Harley Davidson Cross Bones is an classical custom bobber inspired by the post -war. A time where you stripped down everything on the bike that wasn't necessary, just to give the bike a light and agressive look. Cross bones have the profile of an authentic custom bobber with raw finishes and with the stripped down look. By riding the Harley Davidson Cross bones it feels like the clock stands still. The bike is a timeless experience.

Bike of many colors


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