Harley Davidson battery charger

Harley Davidson battery charger

The battery charger - four different programs

The battery charger from Harley Davidson is programmed with four different charging processes. You can choose between float, absorption, bulk or initialization. Thanks to the program on the battery charger, it will help you reduce the risk of overcharging but also problems with sulfation.

Harley Davidson battery charger - protection is included

The battery charger model you see in the picture is the 1.25 AMP battery charging station with part number 99847-09. The battery charger station got for banks and the status indicator lights makes it easy to overview the charging state on every battery that is connected. Some protections are included in the battery charger. For example short circuit protection made for prevention any damages if someone makes incorrect terminal connections. The battery charger also got polarity protection and spark proof protection.

Harley Davidson battery charger - voltage and charge rate

It doesn't matter where in the world you live. The battery charger from Harley Davidson accepts worldwide voltage 100 to 240 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz. The maximum charge rate on the battery charger is 1.25 Amperes and it is built for maintain lead-acid motorcycle 12-volt batteries

Harley Davidson battery charger - typical recharge time

A common question is for how long do a need to recharge my Harley Davidson battery? Off course the is no exact answer to that because it depends your motorcycle's battery condition but the average recharge time is often somewhere between four hours up to twelve hours.

Harley Davidson battery charger - Summary

If you got more than one Harley Davidson motorcycle at home or in the garage or you want to recharge your batteries together with your friends? Then the 1.25 AMP battery charging station from Harley Davidson is the perfect choice. The smart diagnostics program reveals very fast the status of your battery an begin to recharge it in the proper way. Your will extend your motorcycles battery's life time and of course you are always ready to ride.

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