Harley Davidson Freewheeler 2015

The Freewheeler is one of the two trikes in Harley Davidson 2015 lineup, and with clear hot rod influences and modest size this motorcycle will truly be an unique presence on the road, no matter the environment.

A trike with the look and feel of a Harley

As a touring bike and part of the Project Rushmore initiative, the 2015 Freewheeler has gone through an overhaul in every aspect, making it more modern, purer and sleeker.

The engine is a major part of every Harley's appearance, and this applies to the Freewheeler as well. The gleaming chrome with black-tipped heads and cylinders will be sure to impress both yourself and others, all the while retaining the strength and control that made the HD brand so popular.

The Freewheeler is despite it's nature as a trike a clean, slim and stylish motorcycle. This is apparent when looking at it's three Enforcer wheels, with their solid aluminium rims and quality Dunlop rubber tires, the tall Apehanger handlebars that requires less-than-usual force to turn, and the classic Harley Davidson badges that can be found both on the fuel tank and the rear fender.

Abundance of storage space and comfort

As a bike that has a larger emphasis on touring, the 2015 Freewheeler is naturally both comfortable and equipped with various functions making life on the road more convenient.

You will be seated comfortable when riding the Freewheeler, with it's large foot rests including both toe- and heel-shift for changing gear. The seat is stitched and low so you are cradled comfortably in it, rather than on it, which also makes it easier to reach the footboards. The passenger seat is equipped with rails that can be held on to, for that extra feeling of security as you breeze on along the highways.

There's also ample amounts of storage space, with the humongous trunk in the rear that only a trike can offer you. All of the compartments are also part of the "One-Touch" design, where a single touch of your hand or a button is enough to open any compartment, making them easier to open while wearing gloves.

Advanced brake system suitable for touring

A lot of time and effort has been spent on perfecting the brakes, making the large amounts of time spent on the road touring on the 2015 Freewheeler safer. This includes dual discs for both front and rear brakes that improves capability and design, along with the safety aspect.

The front and rear brakes are connected as well, so when using the back brake the front one is activated as well, upping the power of the combined braking force. Of course you are still able to apply only the front brake should you choose to.

A very convenient function in the Freewheeler trike is the electric reverse, found on the handlebars that can be very useful navigating small spaces or parking the vehicle.

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