Harley Davidson Forty-Eight 2015

The 2015 Forty-Eight from Harley Davidsons Sportster series combines fat features with slenderness in this low bruiser, made for riding in the city.

The front wheel has the archetypal "fat" look that is both wide and tall, creating a commanding presence on the streets. Along with quality, custom rubber tire you'll have a fluid ride with full control over your motorcycle at all times.

A look where fat and sleek unites

The fat look of the front wheel combined with the low sleekness of the rest of the bike creates a look that is quite unique for the 2015 edition of Harley Davidson's Forty-Eight. This slender veneer can be found in the all-black, slammed handlebars where the side mirrors can be found beneath. This creates an offensive riding position where you'll be leaning forward slightly, while still remaining comfortable.

Contrasting with the robust look of the front wheel, the rear one is is cleaner, more slender but with a very distinct, good-looking fender, old-school lamps and side-mounted license plate holder.

The "peanut" fuel tank is retro Harley design from the 40's with it's sleek, high design with forward emphasis mirroring the rider's position riding the motorcycle. With it's relatively modest size (2.1 gallons), it gives more space for the engine to be displayed in all it's splendor.

Large, powerful Blockhead engine

The engine is classic Blockhead style, known for improving the appearance of Harley Davidson engines while maintaining their brute force, control and endurance.

With it's huge 1200cc, the air-cooled Evolution® engine, with it's metallic and black heads and cylinders, the 2015 Forty-Eight is both powerful and with loads of endurance. The fuel injection system has gone from the traditional mechanical variety to an electronic one, improving it's trustworthyness.

Plenty of convenient modern functionality

Despite a look that is decidedly retro, the HD 2015 Forty-Eight has plenty of modern functions to make your ride more comfortable and convenient. The speedometer is stylishly mounted above the handlebars and has a gear indicator so you never need to check that manually.

The Forty-Eight is also equipped with the standard Smart security system from Harley. This automatically activates the bikes electronic security when you leave the area and disarms it when you return. You only need to put a small device on your key ring and this works smoothly without you having to pay attention to it.

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