Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo 2015

Harley Davidson FAT BOY LO 2015

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo 2015 is a different take on the classic Fat Boy model is a heavy-weight, robust and strong motorcycle that has a very compact look while still retaining the nostalgic appearance of other Harley motorcycles from half a century ago.

Every part of the Fat Boy Lo has been designed to give off the namesake look of stoutness and solidness. The wheels are extra wide (200mm back, 140mm front) with solid rims, the chopstick are as robust as they come and the headlight is massive without losing it's stylish appearance.

As is the Harley way, the nostalgic appearance does not preclude the existance of modern comforts; instead these are integrated so they affect the look and feel of the bike as little as possible. An example of this is the rear shocks, which have been tucked into the inner parts of the motorcycle so as not to ruin the "rigid-suspension look" that is such a big attraction for many Harley models.

Powerful model with gritty robustness

To accompany a bike as robust as the Fat Boy Lo 2015 edition, an equally solid engine is necessary. Harley's Twin Cam 103™ engine delivers plenty of power that'll make riding easy, whether it's on a desert highway or a steep mountain path. The air cooling and modest rpm during cruising also makes your travels more comfortable, with the reduction in shaking and fuel consumption that follows.

One would be remiss not to also mention the neat look of the engine, with it's chrome details and black coated cylinders, heads and exhaust pipes.

Safety and comfort are not forgotten

Just because the Fat Boy Lo emulates the look of classic Harley models from the 60's and 70's doesn't mean it is without functions that are staple in today's society.

The patented H-D Smart Security Systems makes sure that your bike is automatically safe while you are away from it by activating and deactivating the electronic security based on the proximity to a device you're carrying with your key. Developments in safety standards such as ABS are also installed to lower the risk of accidents.

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