Harley Davidson Fat Boy 2015

Harley Davidson FAT BOY 2015

The Fat Boy has been a popular Harley Davidson model for about 2,5 decades, so it is no surpise to see it return in 2015. As the name indicates, it is one of the most meatiest HD bikes with it's hefty, robust appearance. The fat boy is supposed to be a throwback to "hardtail" bikes that were the rage during the 60's and 70's, with a look that has remained largely unchanged since then.

With the Fat Boy, Harley aims to give the rider a presence that does not go unnoticed on the roads, with a riding stance that is leisurely while radiating a certain majesty of chrome and sturdyness. Chrome details dominates the appearance of the Fat Boy with both engine, front fork, rims, exhaust pipes and so on.

The embodiment of the original "fat" look

The "fat" aspect permeates the whole design of the Fat Boy 2015 edition from Harley Davidson, all the way from the wide tires with solid chrome rims of quintessential Harley Bullet Hole Disc type to the concealed rear shocks that makes sure the motorcycle retains it rigid-suspension look that is so nostalgic. Even the custom fuel tank has a stout look complete with a HD badge of larger proportions, odometer and various other displays.

Several improvements have been made to the braking systems and tires to make your ride more comfortable and secure. The tires from Dunlop are of high quality and extra wide to fit the rotundness of the Fat Boy with 140mm front and 200mm rear width. Innovations for the brake systems allows riders of 2015's Fat Boy to use less power to achieve more braking power which can be useful in many situations. Combine this with the anti-lock brake system (ABS) and you can be certain that you can trust your bike to act the way you expect it to in case of an emergency.

Nostalgy and modernity in perfect union

Another goal of the Fat Boy 2015 version is that the nostalgic look and feel of the motorcycle should not come at the cost of reduced comfort. With large-sized footboards you have plenty of room to move your feet, the heel-toe shifting combined with sophisticated techniques to reduce vibrations from the road all merge to give your legs and feet optimal comfort for both short and long journeys.

As per HD standard, the seat has passed the ergonomic requirements while still remaining small, low and sleek to keep a proper balance between appearance and comfort. For lone riding you can easily detach the rear part of the saddle intended to cradle a passenger.

Like several other Harley motorbikes, the engine is their own patented Twin Cam that delivers plenty of raw power to match the heavy-weight style of the Fat Boy. Add it's gleaming chrome look to the equation and you have an engine that is perfect for the Fat Boy overall appearance.

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