Harley Davidson Fat Bob 2015

Harley Davidson Fat Bob 2015

Aggressive look, bold and big and full with attitude - this is Fat Bob. The bike got a wide front end with dual headlamps and also a 16-in front wheel with a 130 mm tire. The Fat Bob is dressed in black from nose to tail, from top to bottom.

Handlebar and wires

The handlebar on Fat Bob got the drag-style look. The handlebar wires are routed through the bar so you can get a minimal and clean look. Fat Bob have high risers to give you the perfect ride position on the open road.

Twin Cam 103 Engine - the night is yours

The big Twin Cam 103 cubic-inch engine designed to be air-cooled stand out, even under the cover of darkness. The cylinders are highlighted by machined cooling fin tips and chrome rocker covers. The heads are also black powder-coated. This is Authentic Harley Davidson with attention to detail you won't find from any other motorcycle company. The six speed cruise drive transmission gives you a better match between road speed and engine turnover. The transmission provides quiet and smooth shifting on the road. So when you ride the Harley Davidson Fat Bob you carrying on the legacy of earlier engines from HD. Six speeds and powerful engine with low routine maintenance - it couldn't be better.

Fat Bob - suspension - brakes

The low rear suspension gives you a laid back style och riding position. The suspension is adjustable with a spanner wrench. Fat Bob got dual disc front brakes. The dual disc brakes are very effective when it comes to stopping. So you can keep your mind clear and enjoy the freedom of the open road. It's possible to order factory installed ABS which means anti lock brakes.

Forward mounted controls

On the Fat Bob model you will find forward mounted controls. So stretch your legs and cruise through your home town or across the state. The Fat Bob was built to outdo the rest.

Tank - less is more

Sometimes less is more . The minimal graphics on the tank give a nod to the stripped down nature of the Fat Bob model. The diagonal Harley Davidson lines match its pure attitude.


The colors for the Fat Bob are Superior blue, Snad cammo denim, Black denim, Mysterious red sunglo and also Vivid black. You don't need to say much to make a bold statement.

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