Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide 2014

Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide 2014

Beefy front

The Wide Glide motorcycle from Harley Davidson is an absolute favorite. At the front you will find a good looking drag style handlebar. The wires are internally wired. The handlebar makes the motorcycle looks likes a classic old school raked out chopper with the tall risers. The triple clamps and forks are wide. The fork is also raked out to give that wide long style of the bike. The Wide Glide have been around for a while. The first one was built in 1980 on Harley Davidson. Further on, the front wheel in black laced steel with the large 21 inch wheel shows of the aggressive raw look.

Clean rear styling

Out back the 17 inch rear wheel is wrapped in a 180 mm wide tire. The rear fender is cut short to give you that perfect old school look. Harley Davidson have also side mounted the license plate just to give that clean retro style like the old chopper style. The bullet light on the Wide Glide model serves many functions. The lights are turn indicators, running lights and also stop beams. Everything have been done to keep the motorcycle as clean as it could be. Less is more. The Wide Glide model have a sissy bar mounted. The sissy bar gives your passenger something to hold on to at the same time as it creates the old school look.

The Twin Cam 103 Engine

The Twin Cam 103 engine from Harley Davidson gives you the perfect rumble that makes your heart pounding. The 103 engine got lower cruising rpm so the feeling will be that you ride more smoothly with much less vibrations from the motorcycle. The new engine also got better highway fuel economy. The engine is a beautiful  with the clean lines from the cylinders that is air cooled. The engine also got electronic sequential port fuel injection. So no matter you have a passenger in back or lot of luggage, you will feel the reaction from the engine when you turn the throttle. The 103 Twin Cam engine on the Wide Glide motorcycle is more refined than ever before also thanks to the piston design in lightweight. With the six speed transmission you will get a quiet and smooth shifting. The match between the transmission and the engine is perfect and you will feel it when you drive the Wide Glide and opening up the road ahead.

Adjustable suspension

You can easily adjust the suspension to your riding style just by using av spanner wrench. Thanks to the rear suspension you can have a much more laid back riding style and position. Perfect also when you got extra load in form of luggage or/and passenger.

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