Harley Davidson Dyna Switchback 2014

Harley Davidson Dyna Switchback 2014

Switchback got convertible features

Some of the benefits with the Switchback motorcycle from Harley Davidson are the detachable saddlebags and the detachable windshield. Thanks to easy switching in just seconds you can turn your Harley Davidson from touring to cruising style. The Switchback is perfect if you both want to have a touring bike but also a street cruiser. It is almost like having two motorcycles in one.


Detachable saddlebags

Change your mood whenever you want and need. When you want to street cruising, you want simple pure style. When you want to go longer distances and touring, you probably need more big and secure cargo space. The detachable saddlebags have a unique and great design that makes it easy load in your stuff. Your stuff is also well protected because the saddlebags are sealed lockable and also got hard case exterior.

Detachable windshield

Thanks to the detachable windshield you can detach the windshield in seconds for a different ride and look. Attach the windshield again and you are protected from the weather elements. The windshield need low maintenance and the shield is also scratch resistant.

Adjustable suspension on the Switchback

The Switchback motorcycle have adjustable cigar tube rear shocks. The suspension feels and looks like old school motorcycles but the rear shocks contains modern technology. The suspension in the rear can be adjusted with just a spanner wrench. The adjustable suspension makes it easy for you to convert the motorcycle from cruiser to touring. With a passenger and extra luggage it's perfect that you can adjust the suspension so it suit your riding style. It's easy to go the distance with the Switchback motorcycle. The oil emulsion damping control gives you and your passenger a smooth ride.

The Twin Cam 103 Engine is mounted in the Switchback model

The big V-twin Twin Cam Engine with 103 cubic inch is mounted in the Switchback motorcycle. The Twin Cam engine comes with less engine vibration and lower cruising rpm. The engine also got lively throttle reaction thanks to the Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection. The engine got black powder coated cylinders and many parts of the engine are jewel machined out of metal. The Twin Cam 103 Engine also have clean lines because the engine is air cooled. The shifting is quit and smooth with the six speed cruise drive transmission.

The leather seat

The leather seat relieves pressure on your body. The leather seat also provides comfort and back support. The passenger seat got plenty of room when he or she ride along. It doesn't matter if it is a long haul or a short cruise you will love the seat.

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