Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 2015

Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide 2015

The 2015 CVO Street Glide is likely one of the most versatile motorcycles in Harley Davidson's lineup. Everything aspect, from appearance and road control to comfort and "infotainment" has gone through the ringer to make sure they are up to par.

As part of the Harley initiative "Project Rushmore", where the more luxurious,. premium Harley bikes, like the touring ones, was scheduled for upgrades in power, braking, ergonomics and comfort, appearance and various other aspects to push them even further in quality.

A slew of functions are included in the infotainment system

As is befitting for one of Harley's most luxurious models, the infotainment system is top-notch for the 2015 edition of the CVO Street Glide. The crystal clear sound provided by the BOOM!™ audio system, which can be automatically adjusted to lower and increase the volume based on how fast you're going, is capable of playing music both from the radio and from USB-devices you plug into the jukebox compartment on the side of the console.

While the certainly fulfills it's entertainment obligations, it is also comfortable enough that you can spend hours upon hours in the saddle without problem.
The handlebars are wide and the foot rests are max-sized and designed to isolate against the vibrations from the road, all to keep you as relaxed as possible while riding.

Luxurious modern look alongside the classic HD feel

It is only natural that a premium Harley model also has the look that is so distinctive for the company. In the CVO Street Glide 2015, you can perceive the attention to detail shining through in everything from the hand-finished paint with fuel tank graphic and HD medallion, to the chrome rims with their five-spoke design and sleek fenders, also with their own Harley Davidson medallions.

The engine, being a Harley patented Twin Cam 110, outputs high amounts of power while ensuring a smooth ride where you can feel your slightest touch having an impact on the bike and it's control.

Your safety on the road has not been forgotten either. With the Brembo® brakes you have all the braking power you need alongside the standard ABS and Dunlop tires which are known for it's quality rubber.

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