Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Ultra 2015

Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Ultra 2015

As a part of Harley Davidson's touring lineup, the 2015 CVO Road Glide Ultra ensures levels of comfort that make the many miles of long journeys easier, without compromising the unique veneer and character that always accompanies HD motorcycles.

The console provides both information and entertainment and the whole bike has a design philosophy where every part of has been crafted with comfort in mind, from the spacious, comfortable seats and one-touch compartments to the ample amounts of storage space.

Tailored for maximum comfort for two

Touring on a motorcycle means spending lots of time on the road. To make all the miles rolling by more enjoyable, the CVO Road Glide Ultra comes equipped with the Boom!™ audio system. This means that not only can you listen to equalized, speed-tuned radio with crisp audio, you can also plug in your USB devices (iPhone etc.) giving you the freedom to listen to whatever you please.

No compromises have been made on the rider and passenger seats, which are both spacious and comfortable enough to keep you nicely furnished for long journeys. This includes both back and arm rests for the passenger and extra amounts of leg rooms compared to many other touring motorcycles.

Full control of your vehicle all the time

Spending more time in the saddle naturally increases the risk for accidents, and extra safety measures have been taken to make sure you're as safe as possible while riding the 2015 CVO Road Glide Ultra. All lights have extra brightness to make sure other drivers spot them and the brakes come with effective ABS and improved steering during turns and curves  so your control of the bike is always top-notch.

The CVO Road Glide Ultra does, of course, live up to the Harley Davidson standards when it comes to appearance with it's genuine, powerful engine in stylish chrome and hand-finished paint and chrome rims folded in clean narrow fenders.

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