Harley Davidson CVO Limited 2015

Harley Davidson CVO Limited 2015

A part of Harley Davidson's Project Rushmore initiative, the 2015 CVO Limited is a powerhouse built for touring that has all the comforts and functions you need during a longer journey.

Truly a titan on the road, this custom-made touring bike is quite obviously one of Harley's premium models with it's minutely applied paint (in three different variation), elegant HD badges on fuel tank as well as both front and rear fender.

The epitome of touring motorcycles from Harley

For longer journeys, a specially made touring bike tend to have a fairly big impact on the experience. The CVO Limited brings a lot to the table when it comes to custom features and style.

The dual exhaust pipes in shining chromatic steel, one on each side of the rear tire is a unique trait, as is the LED taillight with it's  wraparound look and side bullet turn signals, again steeped in chrome.

Being a touring motorcycle, the CVO Limited naturally comes with two extremely comfortable seats where rider and passenger can spend countless hours due to every detail, from airflow to heat management and legroom having been properly researched and realized by the Harley crew.

Music and comfort during long journeys

Comfort is naturally one of the key aspects when it comes to touring, with rider and optional passenger spending so much time on the motorcycle. This mindset is realized in many ways in the CVO Limited 2015, one example being the one-touch philosophy where all compartments, storage space and the like has to open or activate with only a single touch.

For long travels, having a handy media system integrated in your bike can be invaluable, which is why the CVO Limited comes pre-equipped with a powerful Boom!™ radio with equalizer and volume that changes depending on the velocity of the vehicle. Add a large color display with buttons that are specifically designed to be easy to operate with gloves and you have everything you need to satisfy your music needs during your travels.

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