Harley Davidson Breakout 2015

Harley Davidson Breakout 2015

Harley Davidson Breakout - authentic styling

The Breakout rear is minimal and clean. Harley Davidson want nothing to gets in the way of showing the fat rear tire combined with the slim fender. The rear tire is 240 mm and 18-inch. It's actually the widest rear tire Harley Davidson ever put on a product motorbike. Breakout looks like a classic drag-bike.

The bike makes a bold statement

The Breakout is a real attention-grabber. The premium custom bike is inspired by the drag bikes from 1950s and 1960s. The bike makes a impact even standing still. Breakout got the attitude "Here I am - look at me". With chopped fenders and big wheels it's the premium custom bike you have been looking for. Harley Davidson says "When you rule the road, there's no place for second best.

Powerful rear and front wheels

The front wheel is 21-inch big and 3 1/2-in wide. The rear is 18-inch and 240 mm wide. The wheels are inspired by dragster-style. The looks are mean but your ride is smooth. The wheels got a eye-catching impact. Everyone can see the wheels are both bold and big with there alternating spokes.

Chopped fenders from the beginning

The fender supports are forged aluminium, chromed and polished from one piece. Gives you both the look and the weight reduction. The fenders are cut down to the legal limit. They are both tight and low. Minimalistic fenders just to show off those muscular tires and gasser rims. It's slammed and stretched custom style.

The bikes console and speedo

The console on on Breakout is really tight. Integrated to look decorative and to give a distinctive clean custom look. The speedo is mounted on the risers just to be close to your field of vision. On the speedo you will find both, gear indicator, fuel gauge and of course speed readout. So with other words, all the power to the bike and style doesn't come at the expense of convenience and comfort.

Harley Davidson Breakout's engine

Breakout's engine is the Twin Cam 103 engine. A great engine combinding good technology and style. When you fire up the engine you feel the power is unleashed. With the engine comes both mow routine maintenance and low crusing rpm - could it be any better? When you put your foot on the shiffer then you will understand how the enigne and six-speed cruise drive transmission were developed to work together.

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