Harley Davidson 1200 Custom 2015

Harley Davidson 1200 Custom 2015

The 1200 custom front end is fat. Combined with the beefy 16 inch front tire. There is no doubt this bike is a true custom model. For example, the rear led light is made in low profile and fits the contours of the rear fender really nice. Harley Davidson have also mounted a five spoke cast wheel. It stands out. The wheels cast reflections wherever you ride.

The engine on 1200 Custom

The bike got the blockhead engine with other words The Evolution engine. A engine that have proven reliability over the years. The engine is air cooled. It also got electronic fuel injection. So this bike can run for thousands of miles. The engine size is 1200 cc and makes an ironclad statement. The engine is jewel machined out of metal.

The brakes

The bike's brakes have got overhaul designed for the both the performance and the finish. They have increased the brake rotor size and also added more powerful front caliper. With other words, more braking power and confidence on the road. As optional it is possible to choose anti-lock brakes (ABS).  The ABS are integrated into the design.

The exhaust system

A closed loop exhaust system delivers both good looking design and future emissions standards. The exhaust got oxygen sensors that improve drivability and also emissions.

Forward mounted controls

This forward mounted controls keeps it as real as you do. You can stretch out your legs and kick back. The  forwards controls fits the 1200 custom bike just perfect.

The handlebars

Combined with the forwards controls you can really kick back and stretch you legs thanks to the pullback handlebar. The handlebar creates a laidback cruising position that is comfortable. Your arms will fall naturally to the grips.

The seat

The seat is a one piece of classic seat in fine premium quality. It's sleek and really good looking. A perfect seat to go solo with but it's plenty of room to bring along someone.

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