Young riders motorcycle insurance

Young riders motorcycle insurance

Every young motorcyclist that need a motorcycle insurance also know that the insurance quotes are pretty expensive and the excess are often very high. Most young people got limited budget so the best way is to shop around and compare many different motorcycle insurance quotes.

Young bikers and higher excesses

Many motorcycle insurance companies have additional excesses for young bikers. So if the young driver are involved in an motorcycle accident, then they need to pay a much higher excesses. Even if the young driver got at low powered motorcycle the excesses are many times very high. There for make sure you can afford it in case of an motorcycle accident or if the motorcycle gets stolen.

Why do young riders need to pay more the motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance companies back up the factors with statistics. The statistics says that young bikers more likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident. The insurance companies knows that they need to pay out more in claim to young bikers. The insurance companies also know that younger bikers are causing more accidents by taking more risk in the traffic compared to older bikers. A young biker don't have the older bikers experience in the traffic. So with no or low road experience and no claims discount. The motorcycle insurance premium will be higher.

How do you lower your cost of your motorcycle insurance premium if you are a young biker?

Give the insurance company the accurate annual mileage when you ask for the quote. The higher your mileage is, the more likely to pay even more for your premium. Don't pay for benefits like pillion cover for example, perhaps you don't even need it. Your motorcycle could be a solo motorcycle so why pay for passengers. I some cases you can increasing your voluntary excess, this often lead to a lower insurance premium price. You can always add an more experience biker to you policy as second driver. It you have a more experienced driver included you will reduce to premium cost. If it is one of your parents. Then the argument to them could be that he or she can borrow your motorcycle sometimes. We also recommend that you find a garage to park you motorcycle in. This solution will also lower your insurance cost. Some last advice would also be to maybe buy a smaller motorcycle that is unmodified.

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