Top tips for cheap Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance quotes

top tips for cheap Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance quotes


Before you buy your Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance, we recommend that you read this article about how you can get a cheaper insurance without compromising with your insurance cover.

Saving tips before you buy your Harley Davidson insurance

You can save some money by shopping around for the right insurance cover. It's also important that you only pay for what you need. If you pay your Harley Davidson insurance annually it will be cheaper. If you also park your Harley Davidson on a secure place and also modify the motorcycle with some sort of security advice you have come a long way.

Choose the right Harley Davidson motorcycle

An older Harley Davidson motorcycle that is classified as a classic motorcycle can many times have a cheaper insurance premium. You can also choose a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a less powerful engine it often reduces the price.

Unusual and modified Harley Davidson motorcycles have a higher premium

If you want to avoid a higher price of you motorcycle insurance premium. Then you should avoid unusual and modified Harley Davidson motorcycles. The simple reason is because the insurance company calculate that kind motorcycles are much more expensive to replace or repair. Another problem is also that a unique Harley Davidson motorcycle is even more attractive to thieves.

Insuring your Harley Davidson in season only

It use to be a popular option to only have a seasonal motorcycle insurance. Now days many countries have changed their laws so you must have you Harley Davidson insured year-round. Sometimes it can be a good idea cancelling the insurance when its served its function. Remember you can still got problems with fire, thieves even if you Harley Davidson looked in a garage. There are also very hard to build up no claims bonus. For some people this can any how be good solution.

Secure you Harley Davidson and park it in a secure area

A good way to reduce the cost of you Harley Davidson insurance is to keep your Harley Davidson locked up in a garage when you don't use it. You can also install a Thatcham approved alarm and immobiliser. These two modifications on your Harley Davidson are almost the only modifications you can make on Harley Davidson that actually lower you premium.

Only pay for what you need to your Harley Davidson motorcycle

You should never pay for more insurance cover than you need. Observe the quotes before you buy so you get the the right insurance cover for you Harley Davidson from the start. You maybe don't need to have any pillion cover. Perhaps your Harley Davidson is a solo motorcycle. Some bikers also buy a separate breakdown cover or already got the service from their bank or credit card service. You can also exclude access to a courtesy car.

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