Short term motorcycle insurance

Short term motorcycle insurance

If you don't use your motorcycle for more than a few days or perhaps months. Then maybe a temporary motorcycle insurance could be an good option for you.

In many countries it has become illegal to have a motorcycle that isn't insured. The law now require the motorbiker to have the motorcycle continuously insured. This is also probably the main reason to why short term motorcycle insurances have been reduced.

Bikers saved money on staying off their motorcycles

In the past many bikers save a lot of money by staying off their motorcycles in the autumn and winter. They only insured the motorcycles during the summer.

When would you need a short term motorcycle insurance?

There are some situations when at short term motorcycle insurance can be a good solution. For example if you sharing a ride with a friend as a pillion. It is many times necessary if you hire a motorcycle but also if you borrow one. Lets say you are going to deliver a motorcycle or collection, then you also need an short term motorcycle insurance.

Short term motorcycle insurance is not a replacement for a annual motorcycle insurance

Besides the law, it's not wise to try to replace an annual motorcycle insurance policy with a short term motorcycle insurance. The motorcycle insurance companies have solve it by exclude many of the policies that is included in the annual insurance. There many times others restrictions also that complicate everything in case of claim.

What is the alternative to short term motorcycle insurance?

We recommend you to look for a full year motorcycle insurance policy. It can sometimes be a good idea to become one of the named bikers on the motorcycle insurance policy. There are some different factors that affects you insurance premium price. One of the is the yearly mileage. Let's say you only use your motorcycle on holidays for example. The we know for sure that your yearly mileage should be pretty low. By informing the motorcycle insurance company with your calculated yearly mileage. You should be able to lower your premium price.

Cancelling your motorcycle insurance

Before you cancelling your motorcycle insurance. Make sure you have checked the terms and conditions and if it is worth the effort. Sometimes perhaps it's better to just use a short term motorcycle insurance. Also remember here usually cancellation fees bound the cancellation. You will not be provided with any no claims bonus if you cancel before a full year is up.

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