Overnight storage and motorcycle insurance

Overnight storage and motorcycle insurance

Before you park your motorcycle in the park or off street parking. Read this article how it will affects your motorcycle insurance premium.

Be honest to the motorcycle insurance company

Remember to always be honest to the insurance company about where you keep your motorcycle during night time. If you give the motorcycle insurance company false information, you will risk to invalidate your insurance policy. It is not rocket science. Thieves don't need to be broken into a motorcycle to get it stolen unlike cars. A motorcycle is also smaller and much lighter so there are several reason why thieves find motorcycles so attractive. 

Do you want a cheaper motorcycle insurance premium?

Of course you want at lower price of you motorcycle insurance premium. The simple solution is to keep your motorcycle in a garage. There are also other benefits like you got the widest choices of motorcycle insurance premium quotes. Some insurance companies actually only cover motorcycles that is locked in garage night time. The garage need to be locked. You can cover the motorcycle from prying eyes but if the thieves find it. Then the garage can instead give them cover to work unobserved. If you also can provide ground anchors in the garage the many insurers will give you even more discount on your motorcycle insurance premium.

Garaging clauses for your motorcycle insurance

We suggest that you read all your insurance policy documents regarding garaging exclusions. The motorcycle insurance companies can restrict your insurance cover in different ways if you have given them false information and then let's say you don't use the garage like you told the insurance company. For example some insurance companies can increase the excess in case of a claim. Some insurance companies only apply restriction during night time. So if your motorcycle was parked outside your garage at daytime and if was stolen. Then you don't have to be worried - they will cover you.

How about keeping your motorcycle in the drive night time?

Most motorcycle insurance companies will give you discount when you park your motorcycle on your driveway at home. Instead of parking it on the street. There are two main reason for the discount. Number one is that you keep your motorcycle of the road and the motorcycle should much more safe from being hit by another vehicle on the road. Reason number two is that thieves knows it is more conspicuous to be on private property. As you already know, if you park your motorcycle in a locked garage it is even better.

How about keeping your motorcycle on the road night time?

By parking your motorcycle on the road, you will increase the risk and it will make you motorcycle insurance premium more costly. You will also have fewer quotes but still find plenty of motorcycle insurance companies to chose from. If you park you motorcycle on the road, then the security is extra important. We suggest that you use a chain combined with disc lock and a alarm. You can always lock you motorcycle around some street furniture that immovable. We also recommend you to use a motorcycle cover to protect the motorcycle from different weather circumstances, you will then also have a dry seat when you gone hit the road.

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