Motorcycle security and insurance

Motorcycle security and insurance

Discount for security device

You can get significant discount and savings on your motorcycle insurance if you got the right security equipment installed. The criteria's and meaning of security equipment are different from insurance company to another insurance company. Notice that most motorcycle insurance companies only give you one discount even if you got several security devices installed.

Investments in security will not always repaid in insurance premium savings

With investments in security you can get peace of mind and get the possibility to build up a no claim bonus because you avoiding the risk of losing your motorcycle. You can never calculate to be repaid in the insurance savings but advantages we mention earlier should be a good reason to do it anyway.

Secure markings for your motorcycle

You should always do your best to make it as hard as you can for the thieves to sell your motorcycle. There are several coding services available on the market. You should anyway always look for Thatcham approved secure marking. To make secure markings on your motorcycle is a cheap and also a perfect anti-theft method that the motorcycle insurance companies gives you many times discount for.

Invest in a immobiliser with alarm and tracker

Today's immobiliser system that are Thatcham approved also got an alarm function. But remember when the alarm is triggered it could already be too late. It is of course better if the alarm function send you a SMS alert to you smart phone but it is a small help if the motorcycle already have been removed.  That's why a tracker is to recommend. Even if the motorcycle is already gone, you can still track it and give the information to the police. We also recommend that you ask a professional to install the immobiliser. If you still want to do it yourself you need to make sure that the kill switch on the immobiliser is hidden.

Install a ground anchor in your garage

If you invest in a major deterrent chain and let it loop through the frame or the swing arm of your motorcycle. Of course you should always locked the steering lock no matter where the motorcycle is parked. If you can install a ground anchor in the concrete floor or wall and attach the chain to it. Then you have made a lot to make it much more difficult for thieves. Disc locks are deterrent but you should only use disc looks in combination with other security devices. Professional thieves can easy remove a disc look.

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