Motorcycle Insurance Groups

Motorcycle Insurance Groups

In this article we look at different motorcycle insurance groups. The motorcycles are grouped in a special way that can be a bit confusing before you understand it.

Several factors affects your motorcycle insurance

Everything where you keep your motorcycle at night to where you live, your age and also your driving experience. Motorcycle falls into different insurance groups just like cars but there is a another group system for motorcycles.

There are between 17 and 22 motorcycle insurance groups

Motorcycle insurance companies got between 17 and 22 insurance groups and you motorcycle can be classified to a different insurance group by another insurance company to the next. Most of the motorcycles fall into the insurance group three  to seventeen. To give you a example, motorcycles with smaller engines often fall within insurance group three to six. If you got a medium sized engine it's most likely that your motorcycle fall into insurance group five to ten. If you got an motorcycle with a bigger engine like for example plus 750 cc then your motorcycle likely fall into insurance group 17 or higher.

The factors that determine the insurance group

A simple rule is that more powerful engine and more valuable your motorcycle will attract a higher insurance group. At the same time remember that different insurance companies got different insurance groups for your motorcycle so we recommend you to shop around. The motorcycle insurance companies find it more likely that young riders will be involved in an motorcycle accident and there for also will make a claim. The insurer calculates how likely they believe you are to be involved in some sort of accident. Every insurance company find it more likely that bikers with more powerful engines and motorcycles with lighter weight also are potentially more likely to be involved in an motorcycle accident.

Shop around when you search for a new motorcycle insurance

We recommend you to shop around and compare prices and policies between the different motorcycle insurance companies and also use the online services for comparison. They are often independent and can compare over 100 different insurance companies. They will give you an great overview over the motorcycle insurance market.

Per A Olsson 2015-08-04


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